Tenant Services

Rampart Property Managements goal is to make the rental experience hassle free for interested persons in applying to lease our properties, and for those who are enjoying the residences we manage.   Once you find a property that is available, which you may be interested in, let us know by calling our office.  We will show you the residence and see if it suits you.  If it does, the rental application is quick and easy to complete.  You can complete the application online or complete a paper copy that can be picked up, emailed, or mailed to you.  There is a credit check, criminal check, reference check, employment confirmation, prior eviction check, and a rental history check.  We place the most weight, in the background, on good rental history and criminal backgrounds.  We can discuss the application and background with you if you call the office.

Once approved for a residence, a minimal deposit will be taken, and a first month’s rent will be needed to move in.  

A walk through will be completed with you so that anything out of the ordinary inside and outside the house  can be documented.  

Tenants will need to change the utilities to their own name.  We can supply the website and telephone numbers needed to make those changes. (See the important links page on this website.)

Rent payments are due on the First day of each month.  After the fifth of the month, if the rent has not been made, there will be late penalties assessed to you.  The late fee is equal to 3% of the rent payment.  After the six day of not making a rental payment there will be a $15.00 a day penalty until paid.  

An eviction process will be started right away if rent is not received in a reasonable timeframe.  Rampart Property Management can, and has worked, with tenants when emergencies happen.  You must contact our office right away if there will be a problem with paying rent.

If there is anything found to be wrong, or something breaks, inside your rental property, call our office right away to get it repaired.  

There will be an after-hours phone number to call if there is an emergency.   If there is a minor repair that needs to be made an email can be sent to our office as well.

When you decide that you want to end your lease, after the lease period has expired, you must notify our office thirty days in advance.  You will still need to pay the last month’s rent.  

When you move out the house will need to be in the same condition as when you started your lease.  The place will need to be cleaned well and it will be checked by one of our staff members prior to moving out.  

If there is any damage or missing items, the costs will be deducted from your deposit.  

If the deposit does not cover the cost to repair or replace the items, you will be charged in addition to the deposit amount.  Refusal to pay will cause civil court action.