Landlord Services

Rampart Property Management is here for the Landowner and our goal is to take the hassle and headaches of renting your home away from you.  We take the stress and worry away from you and take care of your investment as if it were our own.  Rampart Property Management has some of the lowest property management fees in the area, but you get better personal handling from our agency. We want to be your property manager and will be dedicated to the service of handling your property in several ways.

Our staff will meet with you and visit the property you would like to rent and do an evaluation so that we can rent your residential property for the best possible price.

A property management contract between Rampart Property Management and the landowner would be completed so that everything is known up front and there are no surprises. 

We strive on being ethical and honest in all our dealings with landowners, tenants, potential tenants/applicants, and contract workers and repair companies.

Rampart Property Management will advertise your property to locate the best candidate to rent your investment. 

Our staff also will show the residence to interested parties, sometimes conduct open houses, and handle all inquiries.

Rampart Property Management handles all the applications of interested parties and conducts a background check on them. 

The background on interested person(s) includes credit checks, criminal checks, prior eviction records, income verification, and prior rental history.  All this is done with no cost to the landowner.  These checks are completed with cost paid for from application fees.

Once a potential tenant is chosen, Rampart Property Management takes the responsibility of doing a thorough walk through of the residence with the tenant. 

Rampart Property Management staff complete a walk through and inventory form and pictures are taken of the residence to document all that is listed on the form.

Once a tenant is moved in, Rampart Property Management will collect rents on the due date and forward those funds on to the landowner in a timely manner with a fully documented statement of any costs or payments that were made to take care of the property. 

Funds can be wired directly to your bank account with an emailed statement or mailed directly to you.

Rampart Property Management also collects any late payments, if applicable, and forwards those funds on to the landowner unlike other property management companies. 

If rent cannot collected from a tenant for a month, for reasons beyond our control, Rampart Property Management does charge for any costs that month.  

Our agency then starts the eviction process with costs being passed on to the landowner.  We assist with any criminal or civil

Rampart Property Management handles all needed repairs to your property. These repairs may be conducted by our staff at a competitive rate, or a proper repair person/company is contacted to make the repairs. The repair companies used are bonded and insured. 

Rampart Property Management handles all billing of those repairs and deducts those costs from the monthly income with all receipts forwarded along with the monthly statement.

Our staff conducts routine inspections of your property to make sure that it is being cared for and there are no issues that need to be handled, such as repairs or violations of rental contracts

If a tenant decides to move out of your residence, our staff makes sure that the house is left in a clean condition with any damage noted and charged to the departing tenant. 

Our staff will then attempt to get another renter into your property as soon as possible without any charge to you.

Rampart Property Management is the best value:
Property Management Fees:     8.5 %  

Most other property management companies charge between 10-12 %
We do not have any other charges or fees such as advertising, background checks, residential checks, etc) There may be eviction fees or court fees charged but our goal is to get good quality tenants in your property so that it will not come to this process.